Join the Authority Collective
The Authority Collective is a group of more than 200 womxn, non-binary and gender expansive people of color working in the photography, film and VR/AR industries.

Our mission is to empower marginalized artists with resources and community, and take action against systemic and individual abuses in the world of lens-based editorial, documentary and commercial visual work.

To join, you must:
• Be a womxn/non-binary/gender expansive/trans person of color
• Be actively working in lens-based visual media — as a photographer, videographer, VR/AR specialist, producer, etc.
• Have a commitment to making photography and film industries more equitable by holding decision-makers accountable for employing anti-oppression frameworks in their practice

We’ll connect with each applicant personally after receiving your response. To be admitted into the collective, you must be willing to ACTIVELY work with us in furthering our mission to shake up the industry.

As a member of the Collective, you’ll have access to:
• Internal email newsletters with job, event, mentorship, grant and scholarship opportunities
• A pool of resources including academic readings, contact lists and guides for navigating the industry, working with editors, pricing, etc.
• Private Slack + Facebook groups to share concerns, promote your work, ask questions, seek mentorship opportunities, etc.
• A community of badass folks of color who have your back

PLEASE NOTE: Starting in January 2021, we will be accepting members on a quarterly basis only. Thank you!

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