WGMS "Legally Blonde Jr." - Audition Pre-Registration
Thank you for your interest in being a part of the WGMS spring musical, Legally Blonde Jr.!

Please answer the questions below with your parent/guardian. It seems like a lot, but it shouldn't take much time.

You and your parent/guardian will also need to fill out the paper audition packet (available in the school office or at www.wgpab.org) and bring it to the first audition on JANUARY 10th. There is a little overlap between what we are asking for here and on the forms (sorry), but we need some of the information during auditions at the same time the director does, and having you enter it here makes that possible (and avoids data entry errors on our end).

Thank you!

General Info
Student First Name *
Name you prefer to be called. If you want a different name specified in the show program, please put that name in parentheses. Example: Billy (William)
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Student Last Name *
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Grade *
Student Email
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Student Phone
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Student t-shirt size *
Shirts are available in adult sizes only
Cast or Crew? *
(Tech crew will be invited to a few designated rehearsals and will start attending all rehearsals during "Tech Week" (please check the rehearsal calendar for more info)
Family Info *
Name of other child in the show
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"It takes a village" Info
If your child will be carpooling with someone other than a sibling, necessitating them being in the same cast, please indicate the other student(s) here. We will try to accommodate your request.
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Parent/Guardian Name *
Please include your last name if different from your student.
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Parent/Guardian e-mail *
Most communications and updates from the show director and parent producers will be via email. If your parent does not wish to share their email address, please discuss this with one of the parent producers.
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Parent/Guardian phone *
e.g., 408-123-4567
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Additional Parent/Guardian Name
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Additional Parent/Guardian e-mail
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Additional Parent/Guardian phone
e.g., 408-123-4567
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Any Additional Contact Information
If you have a third contact you need to add, or want us to know something about your contact situation, this is your opportunity.
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End of Rehearsal Release *
Does your child have permission to leave the theater on their own at the end of rehearsals to walk home/ to an after-school program/ to your car/ to their carpool? (If YES is NOT chosen, the parent/guardian will have to come into the theater to sign out their child from each rehearsal.)
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