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You would like to contribute to ("the site") as requested by This form asks a series of questions about your contribution. You can tell us about your own work and/or about other people's work. Form responses go to the site's editors and you should hear back and/or see your contribution appear within a month or so. All content submitted to the site will be given away freely to the world via the CC BY 4.0 license ( Please fill out this form separately for each contribution.
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If your contribution is too large or unwieldy to fit into the previous question (e.g., a new page with multiple section headings), put it on a web page and give us just the URL. By putting a URL here you are contributing the contents of that page to the site under the same CC-BY terms as anything typed into this form.
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What URL(s) under does your contribution pertain to? To edit an existing page, put its URL here. To suggest a new page give what you think would be an appropriate new URL. Feel free to use OSC pattern-matching syntax to describe multiple URLs.
Related implementations
Please give the URL under for any OSC implementations related to your contribution.
Related publications
Please give the URL under for any OSC publications related to your contribution.
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