Mobile Solar Build Workshop
June 15th, 2017
Fairbanks, Alaska
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We are asking a registration donation fee of $200. This registration fee helps to cover the cost of the workshop expertise, it contributes toward the solar unit costs, and it includes a lunch meal on the workshop day. We understand that many can not afford this fee and we are committed to making this workshop available to all who are interested. We invite you to tell us how much you will be able to donate as a registration fee to participate in this workshop. *
Lunch will be provided. Do you have any dietary restrictions?
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Scholarship Question 1: What community(s) do you identify with?
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Scholarship Question 2: How will you use the knowledge gained from this workshop to benefit your community?
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This is a full-day training of hands-on solar installation. If you have any conflicts or concerns please tell us.
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As this is a hands-on workshop you may be invited to handle equipment and wiring. While we do not anticipate any dangers, our workshop trainers, hosts and sponsors can not be held liable for any possible injury or trauma. Do you acknowledge that you are attending this workshop at your own risk? *
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