Fulham Running Club Athlete Registration
Thank you for wanting to join us at FRC! We are a free, open, community club for which there are no compulsory formal membership requirements, unless you race in competitions (for example cross country) where being registered with England Athletics (EA) is compulsory. England Athletics is the governing body of athletics in England. FRC is affiliated with EA. An individual can only join EA through an affiliated club.

When you want to register with England Athletics, the club has to apply on your behalf. The membership year runs from 1st April to 31st March. HINT: If you join between 1st January and 31st March, your membership will be active until 31st March of the following year, giving you up to 3 months free membership (note: this only applies if you have never been affiliated with England Athletics before).

Further details on athlete registration is on England Athletics website:
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If your answer is yes, please give us your existing URN (Unique Registration Number) if you know it.
* Notes for Club Transfer Procedure
Please IGNORE if your answer is No.

If your answer is YES, you must go through the club transfer procedure if you want to make Fulham Running Club your first claim club (ie your main running club). Just follow the instructions on Change of club process on https://goo.gl/P2BCKG. The rules for club transfers are that if you have been in another club as a first claim athlete, even if you have not paid your EA affiliation at that club or your association was a while ago, you are still required to complete this process.
The Benefits of registration with EA include:
- FREE entry into FRC teams in Surrey League XC (Cross Country)
- DISCOUNTED entry fees for many races
- DISCOUNTS with EA partners (eg New Balance)
- supporting your club with a small financial contribution (included in the £22)
- EA registered FRC bandits have chances to enter draws for exclusive places (often FREE!) in races which are offered to FRC (NB special rules apply for the London Marathon draw)
- you will be eligible for any races held under UKA rules where athlete registration is compulsory.

The fee to register is £22. £15 of the fee is for your England Athletics affiliation fee. The remainder contributes towards FRC’s affiliation fees for England Athletics and other associations; it also helps towards events we organise for the club and other club running costs.

Other Info
When registered, you will be allocated a Unique Registration Number (URN). Sometimes referred to as UKA registration number too (UKA is UK Athletics the governing body for the whole of the UK). Your number stays the same from year-to-year. You usually receive your EA registration card no later than three weeks after your application has been submitted.
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This is to confirm that I have read and agree to abide by The Fulham Running Club's Code of Conduct (http://tiny.cc/u80yjz) *
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