Registration: Summer/Winter 2020 - Armada
Here is the form to register for the 2020 season (winter).

For a quick review of the memberships, check out this section of our website:
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Armada is open to all gender identities. Due to Rugby Canada / IGR rules, most games and tournaments are restricted to those who identify as Cis/Trans men.
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Important - Medical Information Form
Please also be sure to fill out the separate Medical Information Form (link below). Note that, given the confidential nature of this document, only the Team Medic (Alix) will have access to this information (thus why the form is seperate); however, it may be disclosed to members of the board/medical professionals when necessary.
Players' Code of Conduct
Considering that:

• Sports possess a considerable potential to contribute to a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle, and personal development.
• A person’s well-being and feeling of fulfillment is a priority over performance and winning.

As a player, what I say and my behaviour will demonstrate that:

1. I will represent my team and my sport both on and off the field. When wearing the Armada uniform, I will always act as one of Armada’s ambassadors.
2. I will respect my sport as well as both the written and unwritten rules that govern it.
3. I will respect the decisions made by match officials as well as Armada’s coaches.
4. I will always keep my calm and assume responsibility for my actions.
5. I will always respect my coaches and carefully follow their instructions.
6. I will be as involved as my actual availabilities allow and be consistent with my commitment to the team.
7. I am aware that rugby is a game and not a fight.
8. I will respect my opponents as much as my teammates.
9. I will remain modest in victory and keep my dignity in defeat.
10. I will respect my opponents and their supporters. I will never ridicule them.
11. My language will always be courteous, polite, and free from hateful speech concerning sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, nationality, colour of skin, or ableism.
12. If I have a personal conflict with another player of the team, I will deal with it privately with said person.
13. If a conflict with a teammate can affect the team as a whole, I will contact the Player’s Representative to inform them of the situation. If the conflict directly involves the Player’s Representative, I will contact another member of the Board of Directors who will then follow up on the case.
14. I will help and encourage players having a difficult time.
15. I will not participate at practice or in matches under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
16. The primary language used to communicate in the team is French. Measures will be taken to accommodate players who speak other languages and the player should never hesitate to ask for explanations or clarifications when necessary.

I agree to abide by the code of conduct and understand that action will be taken against me if I fail to do so.
I have read and agree to the Armada Code of Conduct *
I allow Armada to add me to the platforms needed to follow the team: Sportlomo and Teamsnap *
Payment - Revised Fees (Covid)
Payment is by e-transfer only and due within two weeks of registration. Please send payment to Please make the password jouezrugby or a something of your choice we will be able to guess.

Please contact if you cannot pay via e-transfer and/or by the deadline to make alternative arrangements.;

Players/Supporters can request a deferred payment and/or payment waiver by contacting the team Treasurer via facebook or at A deferred payment allows a player/supporter to pay at a later date. A payment waiver is available to players whose financial situation is a barrier to access. It provides a partial or full waiver for team fees. Please note that Rugby Canada fees are not eligible for a payment waiver.

Note - there are two seasons per year. Winter/Spring and Summer/Autumn

Player Membership: $75 per season
Sport Membership: $37.50 per season
Supporter Membership: $42.50 per year

Note - a membership is required to attend a tournament as part of Armada. Rugby Canada registration/insurance is required for game/tournament participation. Rugby Canada fees are approximately $200 per year. Insurance for a single tournament is also offered by Rugby Canada.

Player: Full membership. Players may attend all practices, games, and tournaments (note - Rugby Canada registration/insurance is required for game/tournament participation). Players have full voting rights at our Annual General Meetings.

Sport: Partial membership. Players may attend one practice per week and tournaments, but cannot regularly attend games. Players have full voting rights at our Annual General Meetings.

Supporter Membership: Partial membership. Supporters are not permitted to regularly participate in practices or games. Supporters have full voting rights at our Annual General Meetings. This membership option is also intended for alumni players living outside of Montreal who wish to join the team at tournaments.
Payment of Membership Fees *
Please ensure the password is something we can guess. For alternative arrangements, please be sure to touch base with the team treasurer ASAP at or via facebook
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