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Combining their talents and expertise Soil Food Web practitioner Jo Tobias of Root Shoot ( and Javan K. Bernakevitch of All Points Design ( are offering two upcoming courses to simplify not only your understanding of soil but specifically how to apply that understanding when working with soil.

Aimed at those without a science background, these courses bring the basics of Super Soil into practical application for those that steward soil be it in your back yard or your back forty.

May 2018 - Super Soil: Life in the Soil ~$150 ONLINE
This course takes you through the Soil Food Web, what it is, how it was discovered and how this extraordinaire information affects tending your soil. Built with the soil steward in mind, this course takes the gardener, landscaper, farmer, golf course maintenance manager or home owner from what to know about the living elements of the soil to how to work with them for healthy soil and healthy plants.

Mid to Late April 2018 - Super Soil: The Art and Science of making Exquisite Compost ~$150 ONLINE
The highest quality of compost, creates the highest quality of soil, creates the highest nutrient density food and commercial crops.
Over this 30 day Spring course join Jo and Javan as they walk you through step by step how to make exquisitely robust compost. While many are exceptional gardeners or landscape stewards the art of excellent compost can be more like a finger painting than a masterpiece. We walk through the entire process of building spectacular compost with you day by day, step by step covering: where to locate your compost, how to source and high grade material, building the compost wrap, building the compost within the wrap, maintenance and measurement (timing, temperature, moisture and turning), how to age your compost and test to ensure it will produce Super Soil.
You may have watched videos before on compost, but this is live and interactive, with the opportunity to ask your questions to two compost connoisseurs all while building your own compost.

Bundled ~$250
May 2018 - Super Soil: The Soil Food Web Simplified
Mid to Late April 2018 - Super Soil: The Art and Science of Exquisite Compost

Thanks for taking the time to note your interest. We'll be in touch when registration is open.

Looking forward to having you in the course.

Jo and Javan

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