GBHS TA/TI/OC Application (2020-2021)
Students complete this form to request a TA or TI position or an off campus period. Students must meet ALL of the requirements below to be eligible and must complete the online application and approval process before being scheduled.
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Changes to Off-Campus for Fall 2020
Because of Senate Bill 98 and the guidelines established for school attendance requirements, all students are required to be enrolled in four classes under our current Dynamic Online Learning model. The four periods are equivalent to the required 240 minutes of daily class time.

At the time of registration and students signing up for classes, these requirements were yet unknown. Now that we are aware of them, we must ask students to choose one of the following options to meet the state's required minutes: Option 1 is the default and all OC students will be enrolled in that class as of 8/24.

Option 1 - Enroll in a “Study Skills” course for credit where you would be required to log into a form each day and show engagement by providing details of 60 minutes worth of work completed in any of your classes or work on any educational based support activity sponsored at Granite Bay(details to follow).

Option 2 - Be enrolled in a community college, University of California, or California State University course by September 1st. An online course at any of these institutions will count as your fourth class. We will need proof of enrollment by a scan or screenshot of your college schedule by Sept. 8 and final grades submitted in December.
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Requirements to be a TA/TI or have an off campus period
1. Student is a junior or senior who is on track for UC/CSU eligibility
3. Student has excellent attendance throughout HS (10 or fewer absences each year, no cuts and minimal tardies)
4. Student has overall GPA of 2.5 or better
5. Student has no outstanding fines
6. Student is not on any conditional enrollment letters (Senior Conduct, Letter of Condition)
8. Seniors can only have one of these per semester: TA, TI, Off Campus, Office Aide, Library Science
9. Juniors can only have one these per school year: TA, TI, Off Campus, Office Aide, Library Science
10. Student will sign and abide by a contract that outlines expectations
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Teacher for whom you want to TA/TI for (if applicable): teacher will be contacted to verify pre-arrangement
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Preferred Period (Fall Off-Campus/Study Skills 2nd & 3rd would revert to TA if we come back live, 2nd and 3rd not available in Spring) *
Outcome will depend upon courses taken and availability.
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Course To Be Dropped (only applies if you are already scheduled into a course)
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NOTE: This form will be reviewed by the Assistant Principal's Office to check that the above requirements are met. Students will be notified by counselor once their application is reviewed.
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