CARPENTER PTA Chair & Volunteer Needs
Thank you for your interest in helping serve our students, teachers and school! Whether you're thinking about playing a big role or want to keep it more low-key, there's something for everyone and we can accommodate a variety of schedules. If any of the positions below interest you, please check the boxes to let us know and someone from the PTA board will be in touch! You do not have to be a Stay At Home parent to contribute!!
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Teacher Appreciation
Plan periodic "appreciation squad hits" to surprise our staff with little tokens of appreciation. Also, help to plan Teacher Appreciation Week for May 2017. If you love hunting for ideas on Pinterest and delighting people with gifts, this job is for you! Requires: 1 Chair and 1-2 committee members
Teacher Luncheons
Help to plan luncheons for teachers and staff on 8 early release dates. Help organize luncheon themes, menus, and potentially contact local restaurant vendors. Requires: 1 Chair and 4-5 committee members
Teacher/Staff Birthdays
Coordinate and deliver a treat for teachers and staff with birthdays each month. Early Summer and 1x per month. Requires 1 volunteer.
Kindergarten Parent Breakfasts
Plan and arrange catering and an agenda for kindergarten parents; coordinate with Ms. Jones. (A framework is available.) July (Tracks 1, 2 & 3) and August (Track 4). Requires 1 volunteer
Organize and design the yearbook using an online software program. Help take candid class pictures, promote and sell yearbooks. Ongoing. Requires 3-4 Chairs and 4-6 committee members.
Corporate Sponsorship Team
Help solicit monetary and in-kind donations from community businesses to supplement our fundraising. This includes acquiring donations for our annual Fall Online Auction. The framework for sponsorships is already in place, but we need some go-getters to approach businesses with the options. Early Summer/Fall. Requires 1 Chair and 2-3 committee members.
Heroes Luncheon
This community engagement event brings in local law enforcement and first responders into the school to interact with students during lunch. Plan a simple luncheon and meet and greet and coordinate with local firefighters, police officers, EMTs, etc. to invite them to the event. Fall. Requires 1 chair and 2-3 committee members.
Spirit Nights
Plan and coordinate Spirit Nights with local restaurants and distribute flyers. Ongoing. Requires: 1 Chair.
Family Fun Nights
Plan and organize fun activities for this fun community event. September/October and May; Requires 1 Chair and 2-3 committee members.
Go Play Save
Help execute this simple annual fundraiser. Collect and keep track of orders and payments; coordinate distribution of books and student prizes. July/August. Requires: 1 Chair, and potentially 1 additional volunteer.
Help sell Carpenter gear like t-shirts, water bottles and magnets in the hall on Friday mornings. Ongoing throughout the year. Requires: 1 Chair, and multiple volunteers.
Art Reflections
With guidelines from the NCPTA, plan, promote and deliver student artwork submissions. Plan a breakfast for participants at the end of the program. Fall/Winter; Requires: 1 volunteer
Serve on a committee to help run our annual book fair. November/December. Requires 1 Chair and multiple volunteers.
Science Expo
Using established guidelines, plan, promote and execute our annual student Science Fair. January/February. Requires: 1 Chair.
Square 1 Art
Coordinate with the art teacher to facilitate this simple fundraiser. Collect order forms and distribute products to teachers upon arrival. Spring. Requires: 1 volunteer.
Work with Boosterthon team to help coordinate annual fundraiser. Plan decorations for school lobby. Pinterest always has lots of ideas, and we will receive resources from the company and can rely on other local schools. March/April. Requires: 1 Chair and 1-2 committee memebers.
Camp Chameleon
We would love to have a committee to help with projects in Camp Chameleon (the one and ONLY science center in Wake County's School System!!!) Ongoing throughout the year. Requires: as many volunteers as we can get!
Field Day Track 1
Coordinate with PE Teacher to get volunteers and help run the events (NOT planning, just execution with volunteers.) May. Requires: 1 Chair and 2-3 committee members plus day-of volunteers.
Field Day Tracks 2, 3 & 4
Coordinate with PE Teacher to get volunteers and help run the events (NOT planning, just execution with volunteers.) June. Requires: 1 Chair and 2-3 committee members plus day-of volunteers.
Fifth Grade Celebration
Two events in May/June. Coordinate with the 5th grade teachers for the celebration for fifth graders. This includes ordering cake or cupcakes and simple refreshments. May/June/July. Requires: 1 Chair and committee member (per celebration--one event for track 1 and one for Tracks 2, 3 &4).
Help count quarterly BoxTop collections twice per year. October and February. Requires: 2-4 volunteers
Nominating Committee
Ongoing: Are you well-connected with other parents at school? Would you like to be more involved in the leadership aspect of the PTA? We need a few people to serve on the Nominating Committee, who will make recommendations for potential PTA Board of Directors officers for the 2018-19 school year. March/April. Requires 1 committee member.
Boosterthon is our annual Fun Run Fundraiser. The fabulous Boosterthon team does most of the work, but we need a parent volunteer to help coordinate between the Boosterthon folks and the school. Also help with decorations in the hallway. March/April. Requires 1-2 committee members.
Cultural Arts (FILLED)
Coordinate and schedule arts programs, choosing a mixture of performance arts, literature, music, as well as hands-on programs for 4th and 5th graders. Most performance groups we use year after year. Submit annual grant paperwork. Lots of help and resources are available! Summer/Fall. Requires: 2 co-chairs.
Run Club
Students are invited to participate in an active way to start off the day. On Friday mornings, from 8:15 am to 8:45 am, we will be out walking, jogging, or running the track. Most weeks we offer sprinting / relays. It's a fun way to get some fresh air, exercise, socialize with friends, and start the school day energized and focused! This club is offered in the fall and spring. We need volunteers to stamp cards (students get stamped each lap), coordinate sprints, etc.
Tasty Tuesday
Students introduced to some new fresh fruits and vegetables during their lunchtime. Volunteers are needed to prepare the foods a few times during the school year.
School Store
On Friday mornings, the PTA may offer some educational items and spirit wear to the students. Volunteers are needed to be present and help the students make their purchase.
Donuts with Dads
This event invites the students to bring their fathers in and have a snack before school starts. It's held in the cafe and volunteers are needed to help setup / cleanup.
Parent Involvement
Students perform better and our teachers are happier with more parent involvement. Some volunteers are needed to invite our parents into the school and participate in the educational experience.
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