NE GWiSE Survey on Mentorship
Hi everyone! This year our Spring to Action event is entitled Roles and Relationships: A Summit on Mentorship in Graduate School and Beyond. Ahead of our all-day summit on mentorship, we'd like to hear about what your school currently offers so that we can tailor the event to be as useful as possible. The purpose of this survey is to anonymously gather information about the mentorship resources available at each school in NE GWiSE and gather feedback on the types of mentorship graduate students would like to see more of.

Here, we define mentorship as any kind of guidance given to you by a peer and/or more experienced person. For example, this guidance can be related to your career, personal development, well-being, etc. We'd love to know what all of our schools have going on as far as mentorship in the hopes of helping introduce and advance mentorship programs at your school and others!

This survey was created by members of New England Graduate Women in Science and Engineering (NE GWiSE). Please contact us at with any questions.

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