2021 OPAM Abstract Submissions
Submissions will be accepted until the deadline of July 15th (by 11:59 pm — any time zone of your choosing). While preparing your submissions, please consult the following information carefully. You will receive an email confirmation of your submission. Send any questions/comments to opam.info@gmail.com. Thanks!
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Please adhere to the following guidelines to maximize your chances for a successful submission:

- Individuals may be first author on only one submission.

- Authors will have the choice to request evaluation for talk and/or poster format.

- Each submission requires an abstract (max 100 words) and a summary (max 1000 words). Abstracts, when accepted, will be reprinted in our program book. Summaries will provide the basis for evaluation of the submissions. Please note that the word count in Google Forms is slightly different than that in Microsoft Word. If this presents a problem, we recommend cutting to fit the count within Google Forms.

- The word limit for the summary does not include references; however, please do not include more than 5-10 references.

- Submissions must describe a scientific study in which data were obtained.

- Detailed statistics are not required, but submissions must describe the study’s outcome.

- Complete summaries will include discussion of research questions, hypotheses, methods, results, implications, and works cited.

- One figure may be included with each submission:
- The figure must be contained in one file
- First author’s name must be placed at the top of the figure
- Figure captions are limited to 50 words each
- PDF or EPS format is preferred

Thanks to the enthusiasm of the community in presenting at OPAM, the conference has grown rapidly in recent years. In the event that the number of submitted abstracts exceeds our capacity estimates, OPAM will create a waiting list and make final decisions about acceptance of these wait-listed abstracts after we have confirmed our allowable poster space. In determining wait-listed submissions, we will consider status of the presenter, submission quality, and scope. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this process before submitting.
Review Procedure
Submissions will be reviewed based on scientific merit, with preference given to submissions addressing issues related to object processing in terms of perception, attention, and memory.

- The final selection of presentations will be biased in favor of students (including undergraduates!) and postdocs, as the goal of OPAM is to offer young researchers, who are not yet eligible to present at Psychonomics, a forum to present their research.

- To diversify the topics of selected talks, greater priority for talk presentations will be assigned to authors who did not give talks in the previous year. However, we still strongly encourage submissions from those who were awarded talks (and posters) last year.
Partnership with Visual Cognition
In previous years, OPAM talk presenters were given the opportunity to publish their talk summaries in Visual Cognition. Submissions that are chosen for talk presentations will have the opportunity to submit their ultimate manuscripts through a fast-tracked and full peer-review process for publication at Visual Cognition.

OPAM talks-turned-manuscripts will be:
* expedited and guaranteed a 40-day turnaround from submission to initial decision (including full reviews)
* given extra mentoring and constructive feedback through the peer-review process from the Visual Cognition editorial board
* highlighted as special OPAM papers, if accepted for publication

This OPAM–Visual Cognition publication opportunity is completely optional, and presenters are by no means obliged to submit to Visual Cognition; furthermore, ultimate acceptance of the submitted manuscript is not guaranteed. However, we sincerely hope that high-quality presentations that are submitted to OPAM and chosen for talks will take advantage of this unique opportunity!
Hybrid Meeting
Due to the remaining impact from the COVID-19 pandemic, OPAM will be held in a hybrid format this year. In this submission form, you will be able to indicate your willingness/ability to participate in person or virtually, to participate in live portions of the virtual conference, and your preference for a talk or poster.

For up-to-date information, please follow us on Twitter (@OPAMconference), join our Facebook group (OPAM Group), or visit our website (www.opam.net). When major decisions are made, we will also send updates via the visionlist and cv-net listservs.
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