BE FESTIVAL Workshops 2019
Once again this year, to celebrate BE FESTIVAL's 10th Anniversary, we are offering a variety of exciting, vibrant workshops spearheaded by some of the industry's foremost performance experts. If you would like to come to any of the workshops then please write your name, your email address, your phone number and your BE FESTIVAL booking number.

Unless otherwise stated, workshops will take place from 10:30-13:30 on Wednesday 3rd July, Thursday 4th July and Friday 5th July in the BE FESTIVAL HUB. This can be found at the back of the REP, by the Stage Door on Cambridge Street- you will find a large poster for BE FESTIVAL greeting you on your arrival.

Please bear in mind that a great deal of effort goes into providing these workshops, so if you do decide to sign up for them then please make sure you attend. Workshops are specifically tailored to the number of attendees and any late drop-outs can make life difficult for the workshop leaders.

We will do our utmost to put you onto all workshops you would like to participate in. However, please be aware that some workshops have limited places.

All information regarding workshops can be found here:
If you have any further queries, please email

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