Transcend Festival Welcomes Feedback
We at Transcend Festival welcome any feedback you may want to give, including critical feedback. We aim to create spaces which are safe, accessible, and respectful. However, we are not going to get everything right, and are thankful for the opportunities feedback gives us to learn and grow.

We are aware that our organising group does not represent all of the trans, non-binary, and intersex community. We are grateful for the opportunities feedback gives us to make the festival and organising more inclusive of the full diversity of our communities experiences.

This feedback form offers a space for all sorts of feedback, so there may be boxes that are not relevant to yours. For this reason, all questions are optional.

There are questions about what we might do in future, but also if there is anything we can do to help support you now.

Feedback can be anonymous, or you can give an email address if you would like us to be in touch.

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Does your feedback relate to any particular aspect of Transcend Festival? (You can select more than one)
Is this feedback based on something that has happened directly relating to Transcend Festival, or is it something that might happen (maybe something that happened elsewhere)?
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The experience/what happened (or might happen)
Do you have any suggestions what we might do in future situations like this? (This could be to make sure that something that worked well becomes consistent, or something we might do better)
Is there anything we might be able to do to help or support you now relating to this?
Your feedback can be anonymous. However, if you would like a response from us, please give your email address here:
Thankyou for your feedback
We appreciate the time and effort you have given to us

We will aim to be in contact soon if you have requested this.

Warmest wishes from the Transcend Festival team.
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