2018 Legacy Boxer Rescue Calendar Dates
Your boxer didn't make it onto a calendar month? Well, now you have a 2nd chance to make your boxer an LBR calendar STAR! We will be taking "reservations" for picture dates in the upcoming 2018 LBR Calendar! We only have 15 spots available per month, so this is strictly a first come, first served basis and dates cannot be duplicated (for instance, we can't put two pictures on January 1st). Once all 15 spots per month are filled, that's it. "Picture Dates" can be purchased for $20 per date, and you must submit a picture to LBR by September 5. Pictures must be unedited and uncropped for use in the calendar. LBR reserves the right to edit photo to fit within the date purchased.
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Email your picture to calendar@savetheboxers.com. Pictures must be unedited and uncropped. LBR reserves the right to edit the photo to fit within the date purchased.
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