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Best One Yet is now accepting orders for local delivery in Colorado! Let us know what flavors you're craving and we'll bring them to you—or pick them up at the Vegan Vespa's next stop!

Want us to ship ice cream to you? Send us your location and we'll get you a shipping quote!



Payment is required in full at the time of pick up or delivery. Taxes apply at the location of pick up or delivery.

*** Deliveries require a two-pint minimum and include a $4 fee within Boulder County/$8 fee outside of Boulder County.

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If you'd like, please include a backup date/time and we will coordinate from there! Best One Yet will always aim to accommodate your first choice, but a backup date/time helps to ensure we are able to complete all deliveries in a timely manner.
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All available flavors are both VEGAN AND GLUTEN FREE. If you have any questions about specific ingredients before you make your selection, please contact us at Thank you!
It's My Birthday Cake (Very Vegan Vanilla ice cream with gluten-free vanilla cake and rainbow sprinkles)
Rocky Mountain Road (Dark Chocolate ice cream with toasted almonds and Dandies vegan marshmallows - CONTAINS ALMONDS)
Very Vegan Vanilla (Very Vegan Vanilla ice cream)
Dark Chocolate (Dark Chocolate ice cream)
Cookies & Cream (Very Vegan Vanilla ice cream with gluten-free sandwich cookies)
Cookie Dough Dream (Very Vegan Vanilla ice cream with gluten-free cookie dough bites and dark chocolate chips)
Peanut Butter Brownie (Peanut butter ice cream with gluten-free brownies and a peanut butter swirl)
FOR CUSTOM ORDERS: Tell us what you're dreaming up! PLEASE NOTE: All custom flavors require a case purchase equal to 8 pints/1 gallon.)
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If you chose none of the above options, please share more details below (such as "I would like 10 gallons of Dark Chocolate," etc.)
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Anything else we should know? (i.e. allergies, if there is a trick to finding your delivery location, special requests, etc.)
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