Gearbest November Incentive Campaign:Vip High Commission & Extra Order Bonus
Valid Period:Nov. 01-30 (@UTC)
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Incentive #1: Get a $1 Reward Per Order
Sign up before Nov.20 @UTC to confirm your participation.

Paticipation Associates: Sales in Oct.2019 = $0

You can get:
1.VIP Level commission in November (Up to 20% commission rate)
2.Order amount > $10, get a $1 reward per order (Nov.)
3.Under $10 Deals: Refer New Customers Enjoy Ultra-high Commission12%-50% (Except for: Coupon/Cashback/Affiliate Network).

More info:
Incentive #2: Hit Sales Goals, Win $11,111 Bonus
Sign up before Nov.9 @UTC to confirm your participation.
Valid Time: Nov. 10- Nov. 12

We’ll use the sales amount between Oct 10 @UTC 0 to Oct 12 @UTC23:59 to count the incentive campaign. If you hit a level sales target between Nov 9 @UTC 0:00 to Nov 12 @UTC 23:59, you win a bonus for that level .

More info:
1. All orders need to be paid orders;
2.If you do not fill out this form to confirm your participation, we will not pay any bonuses.
3.The incentive #2 doesn’t apply to affiliates from Cashback or Coupon site
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