Single-use plastic (SUP) products (non-biodegradable) are by far the most harmful to our health and the natural environment. Over the coming years some of them are to be completely eliminated from our lives, while the extent of others is to be reduced in the EU market.

Getting rid of plastic largely depends on us - the consumer. After all, it is our demands that businesses attempt to meet.

We want to take a closer look at the extent of SUP use in local restaurants and places to eat, and would like to invite you to take action by filling in this questionnaire while in a restaurant or a café. This questionnaire is anonymous. You won’t be tracked or identified. All you need is a google account.

The required name of the dining establishment will only be used in data analysis. It will not appear in the survey results.

Thank you for taking action. Thank you for your help.

For more information on QUIT PLASTIC project, please visit www.quitplastic.eu

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Any further comments on your visit, for example: other clients’ approaches towards disposing rubbish or accepting available single-use plastic products; the staff ‘insisting’ on providing clients with plastic straws, spoons, etc; general awareness regarding the use of plastic; etc.
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