Sexuality Awareness Talk (For Teachers & Parents from Preschool, Kindergarten and Special Needs Kindergarten)
This talk is intended to give some insights to the scopes in sexual education and provide practical tips and guidance to preschool and kindergarten teachers, parents with younger kids on ways to engage their growing children during discussion of such issues in class and at home.

The main messages for you, as parents, care-giver and teachers alike, is to open up yourselves to let your children know clearly from the very early onset that:

i. knowing that they can come to you for an open, honest and reliable information,
ii. they should not feel ridiculed or embarrassed to ask you issues about sex and sexuality,
iii. discussions about sex and sexuality is not a one-off conversation that you have to get everything right after the first conversation. It is a conversation that continues and evolves as your children grow,
iv. it is important for children to know the difference between “TOUCHES” that is ‘OK’ and which that is ‘NOT OK’,
v. make sure your child knows that he/she can say ‘NO’ to any ‘touch’ that he/she is not comfortable with and the need to tell a trusted adult whenever he/she feels confused over any ‘touch’.

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Speaker : Dr. Wong Woan Yiing Consultant Paediatrician, KPJ Sessional Consultant MBBS (London), MRCP (Paeds, UK), IBCLC
Date : 26 May 2019 (Sunday)
Time : 8: 30 am - 1 pm
Venue: Quest International University Perak
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