Current State of Work Survey
Camber Outdoors is a community of partner companies, nonprofits, and individuals who are building inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplaces. In changing times such as these, we are committed to supporting our community in continuing to advance our mission.

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Rank your top workplace concerns right now (from lowest to highest): *
1 (not concerned)
5 (very concerned)
My ability to earn income is at risk
I am still employed but have no work to fill my days
Contracting COVID-19 at work or elsewhere
My job requires extensive travel, and I am concerned that my company’s restrictions on travel are/will be insufficient to protect me
Stress or anxiety related to the overall COVID-19 is affecting my ability to perform on my job
It's challenging to be productive while working remotely
It's challenging to work remotely and care for/homeschool my children simultaneously
It's challenging to create connection and/or practice inclusion in a virtual environment
Rank the areas you need support in from your employer: *
1 (I'm all set)
5 (I need help now)
Implementing travel restrictions to protect employees
Tools/resources for parents balancing working remotely with children at home
Support funds to compensate employees during business interruption, shutdowns, or furloughs
Unlimited unpaid time off without penalty
Tools/resources to support working from home productively
Tools/resources to support creating connection with others in a virtual work environment
COVID-19-specific training programs for operational staff
Employee-sponsored insurance and other relevant employee benefits
Assistance with meals due to children home from school
Mental health services
Childcare and/or childcare subsidies
Staggered shifts to enable employees to avoid public transportation, make alternative transportation arrangements, and avoid busy commutes
Expanded meal service times and reconfigured meeting rooms, break rooms, and other common areas to promote social distancing
Paid sick leave and/or family leave to care for self or sick loved ones
Sterilizing and deep-cleaning the office environment
What actions is your company taking at this time? (CHECK ALL THAT APPLY) *
Are there additional needs you have regarding work given the current COVID-19 situation?
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What part of the industry do you work in? *
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