Rated T and Pretty Darn Good -- Favorite Fics Rated T

So what if it doesn't have explicit lemons or gory violent scenes with tons blood oozing out, it's a fic you enjoy and it's not rated M! For this "Recommendations Post" I'm looking for fics that are rated T. Rated T doesn't mean that it involve teens or that it's a story for kids. It just means that (if they wanted) the story is suitable for those aged 13+. I have read a couple of really good "T" fics, and now I'm looking to see if there are more.

Like other Recommendations Posts (http://bit.ly/svmfic-recs), I'm going to create a blog post with all your recommendations. For this post, you can recommend one-shots and multi-chapters, as well as, works that are complete or still a work-in-progress. Oh and please don't recommend an entry from a contest that is running now, but old contest entries are fair game.

Don't worry if the fic you want to recommend may already be listed ... the more recommendations for one story the better.

>> Last Day to Recommend Fav Fic(s): March 5
>> Blog Post will be posted the week of March 6

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