Students without a program
If the school the student attends offers a sport or program the student must participate at the school they are attending. If your student attends a school that does not offer a program, the students may tryout at a school that does offer the program. The following requirements should be taken into consideration:

If the school of attendance does not offer the athletic program:
- Students should identify a school that offers the most options based on their interests. ( Students should not be participating at multiple schools. Students should only be playing at their school of attendance and one other school if needed).
- Students are encouraged to select the school closest to them based on school of attendance or home address.

Once students have selected a school of participation, students will have established their eligibility, with and established eligibility, any change in participation is considered an athletic move and will be subject to all CHSAA transfer rules and policies.

All students who will be participating in a sport that is not offered at their school of attendance must complete the following form and submit for consideration. Denver Public Schools will review all requests and return decisions and communication as soon as possible.
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