Wessex League Registration 2017/18
For the 2017/18 season the Wessex League is asking all regular riders (planning to ride more than two events) to pre-register their details.

It is free and voluntary.

Registered Riders will be allocated a fixed number for the season.

At your first event of the season you still sign-on in the usual manner.  You will receive a bib number (as usual) and you can keep this number until the end of the season.  You take it away with you and bring it to the next race.

At subsequent events you will still need to sign on and collect an ankle timing chip (but it will be a quicker). Remember to bring your paper bib number with you.

League registration will remain open until 3rd September 2017 (two weeks before the first event).
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Contact Details
Your email address and phone number will not be passed on to third parties and will only be used to contact you in relation to the Wessex League. Your name and club/team will appear in results and league tables on the Wessex League website. You don't have to supply an emergency contact telephone number here but, if you don't, you will need to provide one when you sign on at each race.
First name *
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Email *
British Cycling Membership Number (if you have one)
Telephone number
Emergency contact name
Emergency contact telephone number (not your own)
Your Race Category
We'll use you date of birth to assign your category as follows:

Under 10 born in 2008 or later
Under 12 born in 2006 or later

Youth – born 2002 to 2005
   Youth – Under 16 – born 2002 or 2003
   Youth – Under 14 born 2004 or 2005

Junior – born 2000 or 2001

Under 23 – born 1996 to 1999

Senior born – 1999 or earlier

Veteran – born 1977 or earlier
   Vet 40-49 born 1968 to 1977
   Vet 40 born 1973 to 1977
   Vet 45 born 1968 to 1972

Veteran 50+ born 1967 or earlier
   Vet 50 born 1963 to 1967
   Vet 55 born 1958 to 1962
   Vet 60 born 1953 to 1957
   Vet 65 born 1948 to 1952
   Vet 70+ born 1947 or earlier

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Please select your club or team. Those affiliated to the league last season are shown in the drop-down list. If your club/team is not shown, please select "new club/team" and enter the name below. This team will need to affiliate with the league for you to score league points.

If you are not a member of an affiliated club or team, you can still register for the league (select "private member"), but will then need to affiliate as a private member to score league points.

Details on how to affiliate can be found on the league website: http://www.wessexcyclocross.co.uk/affiliate/
New club/team name:
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