Addiction Education Collaboration - Leadership Application
Thanks so much for your interest in leading the Addiction Education Collaboration!

We are a relatively new group at BUSM which facilitates discussion among future health professionals around substance use disorders, harm reduction, and implications for the future of addiction medicine. We aim to connect students with health care providers treating substance use disorders, sponsor educational workshops, host didactic sessions, and facilitate advocacy opportunities. We also partner with and connect students to the Student Coalition on Addiction (SCA) -- an advocacy group with students from all medical schools in Massachusetts -- for additional Massachusetts-wide advocacy opportunities.

Finally, this year we have been working with students from the Spectrum of Physician Advocacy to survey the relationship that BUSM students have with people who are homeless and people who use drugs in the South End, and we plan to use these results to engage the BUSM administration in discussions on stigma within our community.

As a leader, you would have lots of flexibility to lead events that are interesting to you and your co-leaders, to continue to engage with SCA, and to further the work to improve the relationship between BUSM students and people who used drugs in the South End. We are so excited to hear your ideas for the directions you will take AEC!
Name + pronouns?
Why do you want to lead AEC?
What do you wish the health care system would change about the care it provides for people with substance use disorders?
What kind of events would you be excited about leading for AEC next year? What would you change or improve upon?
Any other comments?
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