STEAM Scholars Mentor Sign-Up 2018-19
Within District 1199C Training and Upgrading Fund’s STEAM Scholars program at Roxborough High School is a series of STEM Career Spotlight workshops that run throughout the school year. The goal of these STEAM Career Spotlight workshops is to provide high school students with exposure to Healthcare and STEM careers and an opportunity to speak with a professional that can make something abstract, a bit more tangible.

We are looking for a variety of individuals in Healthcare and STEM fields and are passionate about connecting with youth and sharing their story. Please fill in the following questions and we will communicate with you next steps regarding this mentoring opportunity

Please reach out to Sarah Robbins or Phil Brooks for program clarification.

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STEAM Career title or school major (scientists, engineer, coding specialists, chemistry major etc.) *
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Have you been a mentor to a student under the age of 17?
Are you willing to take pre and post surveys of your experience with the Career Spotlights?
Could you provide a hands on STEAM activity for students to participate? (a forensic scientists brings fingerprint toolkit for students to test)
We are looking for folks in Healthcare or STEM careers (some specific fields of interest are Psychology, Nursing, Behavioral Health, Forensic Science, Engineering, Radiology, Arts/ Health Services, Life Science, Pet/ Animal Health and Physicians/ Physician Assistants) What is the best date(s) you are willing to present?
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