Be the change! Workshop for aspiring young social entrepreneurs in Ventspils
We believe that it is possible to bring positive change to our society and there are already many inspiring examples how to do it. One way how to become a part of this positive change is to become a social entrepreneur who builds his or her business to have positive social or environmental impact on the society. Therefore we want to offer you this 2-day workshop where you can get inspiration, learn more about social entrepreneurship and also obtain some practical skills.

Who is it for?
- for young aspiring social entrepreneurs
- for people who would like to learn more about social entrepreneurship
- for people who would like to gain new skills
- for generally curious people who like trying new things
- for people who want to meet new interesting and inspiring people
- the only condition is that you need to be between 15-30 years old
- Latvians and international people are equally welcome

When and where?
- in Ventspils Jauniešu māja, Kuldīgas iela 13, Ventspils
- 7-8 February, at 15:30

Is there a participation fee?
- no, you just need to fill this registration form

In what language will be this workshop?
- it will be in English

What can I get from this workshop?
- learn about social entrepreneurship and economy for common good
- learn about and practice some basic skills necessary for social entrepreneurs
- learn about interesting and inspiring examples of social enterprises in Latvia
- basic knowledge how to prepare a business plan and some analytical tools
- you will get more information about training and funding opportunities in Latvia and EU
- you will have a chance to listen to stories of our guests, real social entrepreneurs from Latvia
- you will meet and work with new nice, interesting and positive people
- this and some more things are awaiting you :)

What if I do not want to start my social enterprise in future?
- nevermind, come anyway. Maybe we will inspire you and you will change your mind. In the worst case, you can obtain new skills that are generally useful in school, job or daily life.

During the whole workshop, we will be using non-formal educational methods, which means learning by doing, which means also a lot of fun and interactions :)

And we will have cookies and more snacks!!! If nothing else has convinced you so far, then this definitely should :) So, do not hesitate and become part of the positive change!

In case of any question or problems with this form contact Lukáš Horvatovič (+37128854343 /
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