SoCal Workshop Application
Due to COVID-19, we are encouraging (but not requiring) pre-formed groups. Unattached participants will be assigned to a group for the week. We need full contact information so we can let you know when you have been accepted into the workshop. For unattached participants (those who are not in a pre-formed group), please give us the clearest possible picture of your musical background and current musical activities; this will enable us to plan a workable balance of musicians on various instruments and playing levels. (If you have attended within the last five years and you are in a pre-formed group, please feel free to just give us your current contact information, and fill out the questions specifically related to this year, such as pre-formed or not, and jazz preferences.)

Unfortunately, in 2021 we will not be able to accept vocalists due to COVID-19.

If you apply by April 1, you will hear from us by April 30 whether you are accepted or wait-listed. Your acceptance will be guaranteed upon receipt of your payment by May 31. Applications received after April 1 will be considered on the basis of available space. If you are accepted, we will send further information and instructions on how to pay your tuition and room and board.

Please note that if this will be your first time participating in the workshop if you are unattached to a pre-formed group, we suggest that you send us sample recordings of yourself playing, preferably in a chamber group. You can email sound files in any standard sound format to
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