Phineas Banning High School - 8th Grade Enrollment Request
Small Learning Community (SLC) Academy Options
Communication Arts and Leadership Academy
The emphasis and theme for CAL students is in Communications, Arts (Fine art and Performing Arts), and Leadership. Electives include Journalism (school newspaper), Drawing, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Advanced Art courses, Chorus, Harmony, Intro to Theater Arts, and Advanced Theater.

Possible Careers: Artist, Designer, Fashion Designer, Fashion Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Journalist, Photo Journalist, Radio Broadcaster, News Anchor, Editor, Author, Actor, Musician, Music Producer, Dancer, Choreographer, Script Writer, Production Assistant, Movie Producer, Director, Educator, Teacher, Social Worker, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Politician, Activist, Attorney, Entrepreneur, Business owner, Sales, Advertising

Global Environmental Science Academy
GESA focuses on the study of environmental studies, where students will take courses in the field of Biology, Environmental Science, Marine Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Science Technology Research.

Possible Careers: Marine Biologist, Chemist, Biologist, Environmental Scientist, Botanist, Landscape Design, zoologist

Global Safety and Security Academy
GSS is committed to service. It helps motivate students to become more involved in their communities and explore different law enforcement and maritime careers. Students will take electives titled Law and Youth and Youth and Justice.

Possible Careers: Firefighter, Police Officer, Homeland Security, Paramedic, PORT Police Officer, Firefighter Paramedic, Parking Enforcement, Security Guard

International Trade Academy
ITA is a career pathway that teaches students about business and entrepreneurship. ITA focuses on the five pillars: Professional Exposure, College Exposure, Community Involvement, Social Gatherings, and Support. Students will take elective courses in global business and business entrepreneurship.

Possible Careers: Business Owner, International Business; Financial Advisor, Business Operations Manager, Marketing

Maritime, Agriculture, Tourism, Cuisine, and Hospitality Academy
MATCH students will take courses in the culinary arts department and Business management. If you like to cook or want to learn how to cook and would like to pursue a career as a chef then MATCH is the academy for you.

Possible Careers: Event/Party Planner, Hotel Management, Chef, Pastry Chef, Restaurant Owner, Restaurant Manager, Tour guides/agents

Pilot Academy of Technology and Health Sciences Academy
The Pilot Academy of Technology and Health Sciences (PATHS) focuses on preparing students for various careers for those interested in the medical as well as computer sciences. Our students receive hands-on experiences in our sports therapy, engineering, computer, auto body, and our robotics programs.

Possible Careers: Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Computer Repair, Software Designer, Video Game Designer, Nurse, Sports Doctor, Sports Therapy, Auto Collision Repair, Auto Shop Manager, Welder, Painter

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                                                            "Once a Pilot...Always a Pilot!!"
"Once a Pilot...Always a Pilot!!"
CAL - Communications, Arts, and Leadership
PATHS - Pilot Academy of Technology and Health Sciences - Sports Medicine
PATHS - Pilot Academy of Technology and Health Sciences - Engineering
PATHS - Pilot Academy of Technology and Health Sciences - Auto Body Repair
GESA - Global Environmental Science Academy - PORT
GSS - Global Safety and Security Academy - PORT
ITA - International Trade Academy - PORT
MATCH - Maritime Agriculture, Tourism, Cuisine, Hospitality - PORT
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Your Fall 2018 schedule will consist of seven classes. Make your selections from the options below:
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All students will have two math classes. If you are currently in Algebra 1, next year you will be enrolled in Geometry. If you are currently in Math 8, next year you will be enrolled in Algebra 1.
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All students will be enrolled in Physical Education. Other classes that satisfy the PE requirement include: sports teams, band, drill team, tall flags, and cheer. Students interested in joining any of these groups should sign-up to get try-out information.
All students are required to complete and pass one semester of Health.
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AVID - The AVID program is a college preparatory program that targets students in the academic middle who have the desire to go to college and the willingness to work hard. This is an elective class that guides you through the High School and College entrance process. If you are interested, please ask the counselor for an application.
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Maritime Scholars: The Maritime Scholars Program requires a separate application and a 3.5 GPA or above. Please ask the counselor for an application if you are interested.
Thank you for completing the application. Every effort will be made to accommodate your request by order of preference. Please raise your hand and wait to be helped before continuing to the final section.
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