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Thank you for your interest in BUAMUN! Please register by filling in the information below. We will be contacting you shortly thereafter regarding payments.

This year's conference will be held February 1st and 2nd, 2020.

T-shirt ordering will also be offered at a later time.
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Requests will mostly be granted to smaller schools that may not have a delegate in every committee. If you are a larger school, we will most likely give you positions across all committees in an effort to have equal concentrations of delegates from different schools in all committees. We cannot promise that all requests will be accommodated, but we will try to take note of them when assigning committees. The selection of committees this year is as follows: WHO, SPECPOL, SOCHUM, ECOSOC, DISEC, HJCC:American Revolution, JCC: Venezuelan Presidential Crisis, and a fictional JCC based on Anime. Our website is not currently updated with the committees offered this year. If you do not have any particular requests, leave this section blank.
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