One Upon a Time...
While enjoying a pleasant Sunday stroll to the Library, you're suddenly distracted by the most epic ice cream truck. Ever! Who cares if it’s February. You're drawn to the tasty treats like a moth is drawn to a bug zapper. Now, with your icy goodness in hand, you turn around to continue your walk, only to find that your book bag is MISSING! How can that be? You only put it down for a second to take your mitts off! A gang of wily criminals has been absconding with people’s books, waiting for a reward to be posted, and returning the items for the cash. But you’re not going to play their game! It’s up to you to follow the clues and track these Book Bandits back to their lair, where you’ll rescue not just your beloved novels, but all the books these evil doers have snatched.
Okay think, if you had stacks of books where would you keep them? *
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