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AS A REMINDER: We groom dogs 35 pounds and under.
We will trim nails on dogs, cats, and small animals
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For those who smoke tobacco indoors, there will be an additional equipment cleaning fee applied to the final total.
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Are any of your pets very afraid of thunderstorms?
We prefer not to groom dogs with severe thunder phobia on stormy days because we think that may be too much for them to handle in one day.
Does anyone in your family (including the pet) have any severe allergies to food or scents?
We sometimes bring peanut butter to coax an anxious dog, and while our shampoo leaves a clean scent, please let us know if you or the pet need fragrance free products.
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Appointment Information
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Please note, first time visits usually take at least 1.5-2 hours per pet.
Do you keep your home climate controlled?
For safety purposes we cannot groom pets in a room that is below 60 degrees in the winter and above 80 degrees in the summer. Portable heaters/AC units must be provided by the customer. On nice days, we can groom outdoors if you have a fenced yard.
Do you keep your driveway/walkway plowed, shoveled or salted during the winter?
For safety reasons we require all walkways/sidewalks to be clear of snow/ice
Is your driveway on a steep incline? (45 degree angle or greater?)
The vehicle used is only front wheel drive (with snow tires) and cannot make it up steep hills when there is more than 3" of snow on the driveway.
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