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Please fill out this form if you are interested in becoming a precinct committee officer in an open precinct.

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Text from the Application for Appointment as Precinct for Committee Officer, or as [Acting] Precinct Coordinator
Here are details in the application that we will be asking you to fill out and sign:

I am willing to serve as a Democratic Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) or [Acting] PC until the end of the current biannual term.* I recognize that it is my responsibility to know the boundaries of my precinct and be familiar with its residents and registered voters. I understand that my duties include:

+ Doorbelling with the campaign material for endorsed candidates prior to each primary and general election
+ Get-out-the-vote activities
+ New voter registration

In order to keep informed of party projects and issues, I agree to regularly attend meetings of my Democratic Legislative Organization. In order to fulfill my responsibilities to elect Democratic Party officers and to help form Democratic Party platforms and policy positions, I also agree to participate in precinct, Legislative District and King County caucuses and conventions, as well as meetings of the King County Democratic Central Committee. In addition (check one):

___ I am legally registered to vote at the address specified below and understand that, if appointed as PCO, service as PCO will be contingent on remaining registered to vote somewhere in my precinct (RCW 29A.80.041). Therefore, upon any move or other change of legal domicile that entails a change of registration to a new precinct, I agree to inform my district chair at the earliest opportunity.

___ I am not eligible to register to vote and therefore can only serve as an [Acting] PC.

If appointed as an [Acting] PC, I understand that my primary task will be to find a willing Democratic resident voter who can become the PCO for my service precinct.

* PCO and [Acting] PC terms begin and end on Dec. 1 in even-numbered years.

Link to the official form from the King County Democrats is here:
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Please note: the 36th encompasses part of northwestern Seattle, including Belltown, Queen Anne, Magnolia, Ballard, Phinney, Greenwood, etc.
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