2019 Customer Survey
Like many small businesses we are a collection of individuals, and in our case, we are a group of individuals who share a passion for bicycles and the people who ride them. We strive to improve on how we express this passion, and how we can utilize it to benefit you.

Our mission is to put our best effort into every opportunity we have to serve you.

Please take a couple of minutes to help us improve even more.
You will be automatically entered to win a SILVER TUNE (value of $129) at Oak Bay Bikes.
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What type of riding do you do (all that apply)? *
What type(s) of bike(s) do you have (all that apply)? *
What would best describe your level of riding? *
Do you ride year-round? *
How much do you cycle? *
If you have children, do you transport your kids on your bike? *
Do your children ride bicycles? *
What do you think about e-bikes (electric assist)? *
If you could choose, what kind of e-bike would you like to have (mark all that apply)? *
Do you know about our Demo on Demand Program where we bring an e-bike right to you so you can try it out - for free - if you are interested in buying one? *
Have you attended one of the events listed below hosted or organised by Oak Bay Bikes? *
Would you like to see more (store) events in 2020? *
Would you like to see more guided / organised rides or skills clinics in 2020? *
Do you bring in your bike for service on a regular basis? *
Do you know about our free pick- up and drop-off service when your bike needs service? *
Do you know about our Repair Clinics where we teach you how to maintain your bike or how to fix a flat? *
Do you check our website on a regular basis? *
every now and then
almost every day
When looking for a new bike, gear or accessories.. *
How important is online shopping for you? *
not important at all
very important
How likely would you buy a bicycle online? *
most unlikely
very likely
How likely would you purchase clothes or accessories like fenders, racks or lights online rather than in store? *
most unlikely
very likely
Would you buy online *
Do you base your decision about where or what to buy on online reviews (Google, Yelp, etc)? *
Do you leave online reviews? *
Do you follow us on *
How do you find out about sales, specials or events? *
Would you like to receive emails from us (all that apply) *
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How did you find out about this survey? *
Cycling for me is ... (- please complete the sentence)
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