Phys-ed 20 Boys Exit Survey
1. What was your favorite module that youwere involved in this year? why?
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2. What was your least favorite module that you were involved in this year? why?
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3. If you could add a module to the PE program what would it be?
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4. Will you take PE 30? Why? Why not?
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5. Would you be less likely or more likely to take Phys ed 30 if it was offered as a PE 30 only PE program?
6. Did you feel that you could be successful in PE even if you were not proficient in an activity?
7. Have you enjoyed PE this year? If no, would you have preferred to be in class that was more focused on helping students that have deficits, i.e. working with ACCESS students and providing you with leadership opportunity.
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8. Are you aware that your PE 30 grade is a mark that you can use for entrance into most universities programs in Alberta? Does this knowledge make a difference for you to continue on into PE 30?
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