Global Prevention Initiative Membership Form

Firstly, thank you for your interest in this exciting new initiative, which is the first of it's kind, aiming to tackle the primary prevention of spina bifida and hydrocephalus as a united global community. By addressing this issue together we hope to support sustainable action and awareness on a global level.

Whether you are an interested member of the public, an organisation, government body or a related healthcare professional, you can help us to mobilize action and achieve these goals simply by becoming a member of our global community. In signing up as a member of the Global Prevention Initiative (GPI) you will be showing your commitment to raising folic acid awareness, advocating for folic acid fortification, and highlighting the need for better preconception care and more research to help reduce the incidence of neural tube defects and hydrocephalus.

Thank you so much for your support. The success of this work depends on us building a strong and supportive community. We could not do this without you.

Your email address will be used to send you updates and additional information about the GPI, and materials to help you in your advocacy efforts as the initiative develops.

For further information, please contact our Programme Manager Global Prevention, Martine Austin:

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