Foundry United Methodist Church Baptismal Request & Information Form
We are excited to celebrate the sacrament of baptism--in which we are welcomed and initiated into the Church--here at Foundry. As a means of God's grace, we celebrate baptism for people of every age and stage. By filling out this form, you are registering for our Baptism Orientation--which is REQUIRED for all adults and parents of infants being brought for baptism--in which we explore the history, theology, and promises made at baptism.

In order to schedule a baptism for yourself or your child, we ask that you complete the online Baptism Request Form located below.

*Please note that Baptism Request Forms must be submitted at least one month before requested baptism date. If you are requesting a baptism in August, we must have your Baptism Request form by July.

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If the candidate is an adult, has that person completed "A Disciple's Path," our required membership orientation process? *
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