LH45 Response Repairs Log
Notice for Tenants & Leaseholders

Please be aware that you will be recharged should LACE undertake any repair that is your responsibility. For more information please refer to the following for guidance:-

Tenants - G11 Tenant Guide to Repairs
Leaseholders - G25 Leaseholder Guide to Repairs

Tenant name: *
For LACE staff members - if you are reporting a repair yourself then please enter your name here.
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Address: *
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Telephone no: *
Please enter your area code i.e. 01522 514444 or for mobiles 07890 123456. It is important that you enter a space after the 5th digit - this will ensure that our systems can read your telephone number correctly. Our repairs team will call or text to confirm your appointment.
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Email address:
Our repairs team may confirm your appointment via email.
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Details of fault/repair: *
Please help our repairs team by explaining the problem in as much detail as possible. It is particularly useful to describe the precise location of the fault/repair.
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Scheme: *
Is the fault within your flat or a communal space? *
Do you rent your property or are you a leaseholder? *
If you are a LACE member of staff and are reporting a fault at the office then please select 'LACE Office'.
Location of fault: *
It may be that the fault is in more than one location - please select multiple locations using the tick boxes below if this is the case.
For LACE support staff: *
Is an additional staff member required? If you are the tenant completing this form then please select 'I am the tenant'.
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