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Project Self began in the 1970s as a way for local women to learn from one another, build community, and work together to create a more equitable future  – 50 years later, CWC is re-launching Project Self  to create those opportunities for people of all genders in our community. 

Project Self is about coming together to share knowledge and skills.  Presentations can be about any topic that allows us to come together as a community to learn and grow.  

Example presentations include:  Strength training for folks who have never set foot in a gym, become a poet in 20 minutes, community organizing 101, study hacks that actually work.

Presentations will:  

  • Be between 20 and 30 minutes long.  

  • Highlight a skill, interest, etc. that the presenter has experience with. 

  • Engage the audience – visuals, hands-on experiences, etc. are encouraged. 

Project Self takes place every other Friday from 3:30-5pm. Each date will feature three Project Self presenters, who will each have 20-30 minutes to share with the group. 

Interested in leading a session? Answer the questions below to apply. 
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The space will be set with a projector and screen for those who have slides. Chairs will be arranged in front of the screen, but can be moved as requested. 

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