2018 ICF-NT Distinguished Service Award Nomination Application
The annual Distinguished Service Award is presented by ICF-NT in recognition of distinguished service to the coaching profession and to the chapter. The North Texas Chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF) will present this award at the ICF-NT Annual Meeting to be held November 30, 2018.

The deadline to submit nomination applications here is Friday, September 28, 2018

• The individual must be nominated by a coach who is an active member in good standing with the ICF North Texas Chapter and holds an up-to-date ICF Credential.

• The individual nominee must be a coach who is an active member in good standing with the ICF North Texas Chapter and holds an up-to-date ICF Credential.

• The individual nominee has or has had an active coaching practice.

• Coaches may nominate more than one individual, and may nominate themselves.


Key criteria in choosing the Distinguished Service Award winner are listed. Your response may highlight these criteria, and the specific related questions, where appropriate. Questions listed under these criteria are meant to provide general direction for the breadth and scope of your response. Other information may also be relevant and pertinent to share.

• Contribution to ICF-NT: In what ways has the nominee contributed to the development of the ICF-NT chapter? What roles have they played—i.e., Specific Board Position, Committees, Ambassadors, etc.? What key events have they supported? In addition, have they contributed to ICF-Global and/or the larger ICF community?

• Contribution to the Coaching Profession: In what ways has the nominee impacted the coaching profession through intellectual contributions? These might include coaching publications, presentations, or training materials, ICF Global curriculum or policies, etc.

• Role Model: Does the nominee represent the highest ethics and principles of practice as a role model for other coaches? How might they have mentored, provided coach-specific training or assisted others with their accreditation process? What have you observed that has demonstrated coaching excellence? Have they received other awards for their excellence in coaching skills or best practices?

• Professional Practice: Describe the coaching practice, coaching approach, and experience of the nominated coach. What is the scope and breadth of their practice? Whom do they serve? How many years have they been in practice? Do they have client evaluations or organizational measures that illustrate significant impact of their coaching practice? In the interest of maintaining client confidentiality, it is not necessary to provide the names of specific clients.

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