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This online workshop is about growing food in the space around your home in an abundant, resilient, and low maintenance food forest. We will guide you in adapting the techniques and principles used by people throughout the world to cultivate their living environment in harmony with nature while producing food, medicine, and fiber for household use. Over the course of four weeks (eight 90-minute sessions), participants will develop their own food forest plan customized for their particular site and personal preferences. Your plan will include:

+ preparing your site
+ selecting species
+ developing a planting pattern
+ planting techniques
+ maintenance and harvest

We are passionate about organic and family-friendly food forests intended for abundant food for consumption and sharing with neighbors. This workshop is specifically intended for people who have little or no experience with food forests (agroforestry), but who would like to learn how to grow a forest-like garden in ways that benefit both people and the natural world. Participants will develop a detailed plan to realize their family-friendly food forest vision.

This workshop is designed for:

* People in Hawaii and other tropical and subtropical regions
* Those who want to plant a food forest at their home
* All ages and abilities--whole households are encouraged
* Those who are interested in transforming their connection to nature around them

The workshop sessions are scheduled to be twice a week beginning the week of August 16, 2021. We will determine the weekly schedule based on participant preferences.

The cost of the workshop is $400 per household including eight (8) 90-minute webinars and personal attention from the instructors as you are guided in developing your design over the course of four weeks.

The trainers

We have made it our lives' work to regenerate food systems with food forestry (agroforestry). Together, we have over 70 years experience and we have had the great privilege of working in many different environments in Hawaii and the Pacific region: from arid to wet, low to high elevation, rocky lava to deep soils, so that we are well-versed at methods and species used in many different situations.

Craig Elevitch, PhD has worked in agroforestry since 1991. He has consulted for numerous landowners and managers, including authoring dozens of agroforestry, Forest Stewardship, and native forest dedication plans throughout Oceania and the tropics. Craig’s internationally recognized publications and workshops have guided thousands in becoming more proficient in regenerative agroforestry and reforestation. In addition to working directly with dozens of growers, consultants, and educators, he has facilitated over 180 agroforestry workshops in the Pacific, with over 9,000 producers and resource professionals participating since 1993. He was honored with the Shining Stars of Oceania award in 2019 and the Global Aloha 'Aina 'Ohana award in 2016.

Sophia Bowart, BFA, MBA is committed to regenerating degraded lands using successional agroforestry and teaching such techniques to the world. After being introduced to this work by Ernst Gotsch, Dr. Craig Elevitch and her husband, Neil Logan, Sophia has been implementing successional agroforestry techniques on Mohala Lehua Farm in North Kohala, Hawaii since 2008. In addition to converting former pastureland into a diverse, multistory agroforest, she has been developing a range of value-added-products from the farm in order to offset the cost of planting and maintenance.

Neil Logan is a specialist in the research and development of natural products and the agro-ecological and socio-cultural contexts that support them. Neil develops whole systems that integrate information technology and agro-ecosystems. With agroforestry experience on three continents, in both arid and wet conditions, temperate to tropical, Neil is also trained in western herbalism, natural products development (25 years experience). From 2001- present, Neil is a teacher of agroforestry, horticulture, mycoculture and information technology via workshops, lectures, publications and presentations.
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Participants will uplift their vision for a family food forest into practical planning.
Workshop details
Grow Your Family-Friendly Food Forest is an online trainings based on a curriculum developed over the past 28 years by the trainers. The eight (8) 90-minute webinars will guide participants through the design process for their home food abundance and resilience forest.

Please tell us a little about yourself by answering the following questions. The workshops are a large commitment of time and money and we wish to optimize the experience for everyone and customize the workshop to participants' needs.

We appreciate your candid answers and your trusting us to determine if these workshops are a good match for you. We will respond to your application within seven days of receipt. Space is limited, so please submit your application early.

Workshops include:

• An intensive learning experience, life changing for many participants
• Personalized training in both theory and practice
• Very full webinars of learning and interacting with like-minded people.

Cost: The workshop series including eight live webinar trainings and personalized interaction with the trainers in developing your food forest plan $400 per household. The fee is due prior to beginning the workshop and is non-refundable.

The workshops are scheduled to be twice a week beginning the week of August 16. We will determine the weekly schedule based on participant preferences.
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