Femboy Hunt 12 Theme Poll
Hihi lovelies!

I want to know what theme you'd like to see for the 12th round of the Femboy Hunt. This is our 7 year anniversary and I want to make it special, so I'm asking for your help!
I've narrowed it down to the 5 most suggested, so please choose your favorite! Feel free to leave another suggestion!

~Taki ❤

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Would you be interested in a special holiday edition of the hunt?
This would take place in addition to the March and September hunts, during the 2019-20 holiday season (October - January). The month will be chosen by the creators who take part. It would be a 'holiday mish-mash' with the creators given the choice of what holiday they choose to create for. The only holiday that will be excluded will be Christmas. This way not all the items will be from just one holiday (or so we hope LOL) --And yes, we asked this last time but we didn't get enough responses to warrant the rush to do it, so we're asking again!
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