Scavenger Hunt Winter 2022
Your mission is to explore the museum and complete this scavenger hunt. Visit the Gift Shop on your way out and show them your completed submission to earn a prize!
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MUSEUM LOBBY: On October 3, 1979, a category F4 tornado struck the New England Air Museum (then known as the Bradley Air Museum). How many of the museum's aircraft were destroyed by this tornado? HINT: Count the number of orange aircraft on the map *
MILITARY HANGAR: Which large green helicopter could carry a payload of 25,000 pounds (over 10 tons)? Hint: Find the sign located on the side of the aircraft’s cargo box. *
MILITARY HANGAR: Find the Kaman HH-43F Huskie, built by Kaman Aerospace in Connecticut in 1960. What makes it different from most helicopters? Hint: Look at the two rotor blades! *
MILITARY HANGAR: Which silver jet was the world’s first production supersonic jet fighter? At top speeds, it could fly from the museum to JFK Airport in New York City in just 7.5 minutes! *
MILITARY HANGAR: In the New England Women in Aviation Exhibit that leads into the Civil Aviation Hangar, find the "What to Wear on Mars?" display. What MIT professor helped engineer the BioSuit?  *
CIVILIAN HANGAR: Find the Kosciuszko Squadron Exhibit just before the entrance to the Civil Aviation Hangar. This Polish squadron was active from 1919 to what year?  *
CIVILIAN HANGAR: Head upstairs to the Civil Aviation Hangar mezzanine to the spaceflight exhibit. Find the prototype Space Station Waste Collection System, also known as the "Zero Gravity Space Toilet". What year was this incredible example of aerospace engineering built?  *
CIVILIAN HANGAR: The VS-44A Excambian is the only American built, four-engine, transatlantic, passenger flying boat left in the world. From what surface did it take off and land? Hint: Not the ground! *
CIVILIAN HANGAR: Find the Curtiss-Bunce Pusher, built by Connecticut resident Howard Bunce in 1912. How old was Howard when he completed this aircraft? *
CIVILIAN HANGAR: The Douglas DC-3 is one of the most famous commercial aircraft in history. How many passengers (people) could our DC-3 carry?   *
CIVILIAN HANGAR: Find the Goodyear ZNPK-28 blimp control car in the far corner of the hangar. What gas was used to inflate the blimp’s envelope and make it lift off the ground? Hint: This gas will also make a birthday party balloon float!   *
B-29 HANGAR: How many crew members flew on the Boeing B-29A Superfortress during World War II and the Cold War missions? Hint: Count the number of people painted on the aircraft’s nose. *
B-29 HANGAR: What is the name of the blue World War II fighter airplane with the inverted gull wings? Hint: Gull wings mimic the bent shape of a seagull’s wings *
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