Rainbow Lightning Camp Interest Application 2022
Welcome dreamers! Please fill out the following form to express your interest to camp with Rainbow Lightning at Black Rock City 2022. Following your application, you will receive a confirmation email with a copy of your response. Someone with Rainbow Lightning will follow up with you to request an interview and confirm next steps. All campers are expected to work at least two volunteer shifts in the kitchen and at least one shift in another area (options listed in the form).

Main Art Installations & Interactivity Spaces:
 - Altar/Temple of Intentions
 - Thunder Temple (Quadro Merkabah)
 - Rainbow Mandala (6 Merkabahs with Hexagon Shade)

Key Features and Community Agreements:
 - Sound Healing (Grounding and healing space to relax and get sound baths)
 - Conscious Community Camp (No alcohol or drugs are offered in camp)
 - Family Friendly (Peaceful Vibes & Children Activities)
 - No Drama Policy (Applies for all guests and campers)
 - Burning Man 10 Principles

Mission Statement for Camp:
Rainbow Lightning has been created to anchor a sanctuary space for activation, healing and ceremony. We bring art that inspires the mind to dream of better ways of being. The rainbow symbolizes the convergence of all the tribes and the deep medicine that follows from their Indigenous Roots & Future Grandchildren.

RIDE Statement - Radical Inclusion, Diversity and Equity:
Rainbow Lightning is a gathering of all colors, all races, all tribes. We promote racial diversity in our programming, including discussions on racial inclusion. We also support cultural diversity in our art and music programming.

Priority deadline for applications is June 6.
All applicants will receive information via email for next steps. Please add info@rainbowlightning.com to your contact list to receive communications :)

Once your application is submitted, you have the option to pay a 50% deposit for camp dues. This helps secure your spot and also supports the camp cash flow. The camp deposit is refundable. Submitting an application and deposit does not guarantee placement in the camp.

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