Inventathon Team Application
What is Enactus UBC Okanagan?

Enactus UBC Okanagan is a student organization that was created with the mandate to; identify opportunities, innovate solutions, execute projects, and facilitate change! With the belief that shortcomings are just hidden opportunities, our unique composition allows us to view the community through a different set of lenses. Once identified, we employ our collective thoughts to generate innovative tactics that allow us to envision a potential sustainable project to work towards. We ebb and flow to the needs of the project and understand a unique challenge requires a customizable solution that must be fluid in nature. Taking into account of the potential pitfalls, the team marches on to enact the change originally established as the desired end-state. A challenge is an opportunity in disguise!

What is Inventathon?

Enactus UBC Okanagan created Inventathon to address a lack of entrepreneurial opportunity on the UBC Okanagan campus. Inventathon is an annual, 24-hour, FREE of cost business competition where teams of 2 to 5 students, from any faculty, are able to apply and develop their entrepreneurial skills. The teams must work to develop business models and can create anything they deem a viable business opportunity which caters to a specific niche market that requires their innovation. This can include but is not limited to conceptual programming, applications, websites, prototypes, and more. During the competition, students are provided support through guest speakers, peer mentorship, and stress-relieving activities through our partnership with the School of Nursing and other external resources. At the end of the competition, the teams presented their ideas in 5-minute pitch presentations to a panel of judges that include professors and business professionals. The annual Inventathon aims to facilitate the building of a start-up community at UBC Okanagan by encouraging innovative, sustainable, and socially impactful solutions.

Inventathon's Vision:

This year will mark the largest Inventathon yet with the host location being the brand-new student-funded Commons building. With the potential of hosting more than 200+ students, sufficient funding from multiple sponsors will be required. Talks with many major firms such as RBC, Accelerate Okanagan, Pushor-Mitchell, etc. are in progress and could result in an interactive experience between participants and sponsors, which will consequently produce a more successful event.

Why help with Inventathon?

Many projects require a high degree of quality coordination and communication and this project is no different. The volunteers for Inventathon will gain valuable experience in terms of working with many qualified professionals, working under a fantastic team and support system, and would have helped produce an event that has surpassed expectations and previous iterations of Inventathon. Certificates will also be presented to those who helped create the event.
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