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How our Waiting Lists Work
Children and young people very much enjoy the activities and events that we offer. Despite us expanding the number of places, still more youngsters want to join. The waiting lists grow and shrink but are always there.
When can a youngster join a waiting list?
The minimum ages for joining a section waiting list are:
Beavers 6 years
Cubs 8 years
Scouts 10 years 6 months
What happens when places become available?
When places become available, we use the length of time that a child has been on the waiting list and also the age of each child on the list. A scoring system is used:
• One point per each month on waiting list
• One point per each month past the child’s 6th/8th/10th birthday
The next place will be offered to the child with the highest point score.

An example using Beavers:
Child A
6 months on list = 6
9 months after 6th birthday = 9
Total = 15

Child B
7 months on list = 7
7 months after 6th birthday = 7
Total = 14

In this example, the next available place is offered Child A.

We try to encourage wider family involvement in Scouting, so where a child has immediate family members (e.g. sister, half brother, parent etc) or a grandparent who are already members of 150th, this will be taken into account and is allocated 3 points

Members who have already joined Beavers and Cubs can automatically join the next eldest section when they are old enough. They do not join a further waiting list.

Where the two children have the same score, distance from the HQ will be used as the deciding factor.

If parents take their child off the waiting list and then change their mind, the child’s previous time on the waiting list is not taken into account.
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