Volunteering with TAC - Worlds
Thanks for your interest in helping youths to explore and discover causes that resonate with them! Through TAC's "Worlds" programme, we would work with you to design what we call "job tasters" that you could run for youths so that they can get a taste of your job (just a bit!), as a conversation starter to how your work contributes to different Worlds or causes that resonate with you! Do take a few minutes to share with us some information about your work and contact details.
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Job title (do include a brief description of your job if it is not self-evident from your title! For e.g., if you are a "Director", useful to let us know what sort of work you are a Director of, say "Director, Climate Change Office") *
Organisation/Company name
Most, if not all, jobs contribute to improving the world around us in small and big ways. What kind of world(s) do you think your work contributes to? You can select more than one if you feel that your work contributes to more than one of the below! *
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Please confirm the email address you'd like us to send TAC-related information to! Personal email addresses typically work better than work email addresses, less likely to change!
Additional to emailing you, we typically inform volunteers of the upcoming slots that you can sign up for through a Whatsapp broadcast list - TAC News. Please do confirm that you're agreeable to receiving updates through TAC News! *
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