2019 Ecopsychology Conference Presentation Proposal
Thank you for your interest for being part of the Holos Ecopsychology Conference 2019!
We welcome presenters who can offer an embodied presentation of ecopsychology.

This year's theme is "Cultivating Truth in Troubled Times: How may we find a voice of deep authenticity to re-present the truth/situation of the earth, address the anxiety and despair of the current environmental crisis while maintaining hope and psychological balance?

This form helps us organize your presentation proposal and prepare to support you.
if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Jan or Shmee directly. We will contact you within a couple of weeks of your submission to let you know that we have received your proposal along with any additional info needed.

Accepted presenters may attend the full weekend conference free of charge (including Saturday evening dinner), and are welcomed to bring publications and announcements to share. Workshop presenters will be assigned a volunteer staffer as support. We do ask that presenters refrain from self-promotion in their presentations and trust that whatever you are promoting will be introduced and your presence will be the best publicity for your work.

We are here to support you in as smooth and ease-full process as possible but please be patient as we evaluate and slowly respond to each proposal! However, you may not get a final response/decision until mid-January 2019.

The format of the 2019 program is a Saturday/Sunday (April 6 - 7) program.

We are currently recruiting presenters who may offer:
1) a 50 minute comprehensive address that allows for at least 10-15 minutes of audience Q&A.
2) 25 minute presentations that are succinct ecotherapy statements/descriptions or an alternative program (such as a musical/poetic interlude)
3) An Ecopsychology or Ecotherapy Workshop: These will extend to 110 minutes. These are post-lunch programs that are hosted out on the land at Earthrise. Most workshops will have a group of 6 to 30 participants. Attendees chose which workshop they wish to take.

Deadline for submissions is midnight December 17, 2018.

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Kindly list 1 -2 "actionable" learning objectives that we may use to provide CEUs for your presentation. For every 75 minutes of presentation CAMFT requires at least one learning objective. Presentations will require one and workshops will require 2. These should be framed as completion of this sentence.. "At the end of this presentation participants will..."(Feel free to contact us if you need help with this) *
Please upload a headshot (300 DPI, color and portrait orientation preferred) *
Please provide a bio that we will list on the conference website
Can you kindly upload a CV? Please use a .pdf format. We need these for our CEU program. If it is not easy enough or impossible just let us know and we will improvise.
What support will you need for your presentation? Check all that apply but note that workshops are outdoors and limited in A/V tech.(We are already prepared to offer wireless mics for amplified sound). *
Is there anything else we should know about your proposal?
Thank you! You will get an email from us within 2 - 3 weeks of your submission. We may have more questions of you. A decision for most proposals will not be finalized until mid-January.
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