Research Positions @ VISpro Lab, ITU Lahore <Deep Learning/Computer Vision> [Apr-2018]

Job Description

Vision Processing (VISpro) Lab at ITU is seeking talented and motivated candidates for the positions of Research Assistant and Research Associates. The candidate should have expertise in the areas of Deep Learning & Computer Vision/Image Processing. The candidate is expected to be comfortable in at least one of the deep learning frameworks (Tensor Flow, Caffe e.t.c) and OpenCV. Prior experience with Multi-View Geometry will be a plus. Exceptional programming skills are required.

Multiple positions are available and salary commensurate with experience/expertise level. The selected research fellows shall be required to perform high quality research and development related to the project. It is expected that the project may lead to some exciting Patents and Publications.

Last date to apply 20th April 2018.

Required Qualification

• BS/or/MS degree in CS/EE/Computer/Mechatronics or related fields.


About VISpro Lab
The researchers shall become part of Vision Processing Lab (VISpro Lab) at Information Technology University (ITU), Lahore. The lab hosts a number of PG and UG students and shall thus provide a congenial learning environment for the new researchers to further enhance their R&D potential.

To learn more about the lab please visit:

(VISpro lab was earlier located at SEECS, NUST, H-12, Islamabad. To view its past activities please visit :

About Information Technology University (ITU), Lahore :
ITU is a first of its kind institution in Pakistan; the university seeks to nurture an environment of high-tech research and entrepreneurship with its state-of-the art facilities, world class faculty, its in-house start-up incubator and well-established government and industry linkages. (Further details:

Dr. Rehan Hafiz

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