Mentor Minutes: Mentor Registration Form
Thank you for your interest in the Washington Evaluators (WE) Mentor Minutes initiative. Mentor Minutes is an exclusive benefit for WE members. It aims to connect evaluators in the DC metro area, for short-term mentoring opportunities.

Please fill out this form, any time you're interested in being connected with a mentee, and our Mentor Minutes Coordinator will follow up with you soon.
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Program Overview
The purpose of Mentor Minutes is to pair experienced evaluators (mentors) with aspiring, emerging, or seasoned evaluators (mentees) and establish mutually beneficial professional connections. Mentors will be able to provide feedback regarding careers (starting one or transitioning to a different field), reflect on their professional experiences, and help build the capacity of emerging evaluators. Mentees, in contrast, will be able to glean insights from mentors regarding professional pathways, technical advice, and general networking through short-term mentoring opportunities.

The timeframe for Mentor Minutes is intended to be short term, meaning that mentee-mentor pairs will interact only one or two time(s). While WE encourages and hopes for meaningful professional development, neither the mentee nor the mentor is required to participate in long-term mentoring opportunities through this initiative.

Once your form is submitted, the Mentor Minutes Coordinator will match you with a mentee who is seeking a mentor similar to you. You will be notified of your mentee, his/her interests in being mentored, and how best to contact him/her shortly thereafter.
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In submitting this form, I agree that WE is not responsible for any advice, feedback, or interactions resulting from short-term mentoring.

I understand that as a mentor, I am solely responsible for my actions with others participating in the Mentor Minutes initiative. I understand that I am solely responsible for my actions and that there is no relationship that would make Washington Evaluators (WE) responsible for my conduct. While the WE Mentor Minutes Coordinator will pair mentors and mentees based on the information provided in their interest forms, Washington Evaluators cannot guarantee the quality of mentorship interactions or the accuracy of information provided by mentors and mentees.

Under no circumstances will Washington Evaluators be held responsible or liable for any loss or damage (including physical and financial) whatsoever, resulting from my conduct or the conduct of other participants, and arising from my participation in this initiative.

I agree to take full responsibility and reasonable precautions in my interactions with participants. Washington Evaluators cannot guarantee any specific results from participation in this initiative.

Should I experience any conflicts that arise from my direct or indirect participation in this initiative, I will contact, so that WE can document any issues to further improve this initiative.
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