Scholarship Application for Archetypes Initiation
We have a handful of low cost scholarship places (£500) available via application.These scholarship places are for Black, Indigenous and Women of Colour, (BIWOC*) LGBTQ+ and disabled folks, plus women from marginalised communities or challenging socio-economic backgrounds.

We are in an ongoing iterative process of learning and unlearning how to make our space equitable, diverse and inclusive of the multitudes of experiences of women. Creating scholarship and bursary places for those who might struggle to access or participate in an event like this is part of our approach.

However we recognise that this can only be one part of our approach to inclusivity and requires us to be in a continued learning process around the themes of trauma, class, disability, race, gender and so much more. Another part of our approach is that we have a number of structures of care in place for the retreat itself and various feedback systems both in person and anonymous that we welcome.

Places are via application and offered to those who best meet the criteria specified above. Deadline for applications will be 2nd of July, roughly three weeks before the retreat so that we can offer spaces with enough time for participants to prepare and make travel arrangements.

*We recognise this term is less than ideal and can often erase the experiences of many different racial identities and backgrounds.
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Do you have any accessibility requirements that we should know about? *
This could be that you live with a disability, neurodiversity or mental health issues. Please let us know what your needs regarding accessibility might be.
Do you identify as Black, Indigenous or Woman of Colour, LGBTQ+, or from a marginalised community or low socio-economic background? *
Please note that this is the criteria for scholarship places, if you do not meet this criteria in some way then you may not be eligible for a scholarship place.
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How might this experience be supportive or helpful for you in your life?
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