UX Podcast listener survey 2017
You know how much we love you. How much do you love us? Thanks for helping us out. /James & Per

None of the questions are obligatory. If you think a particular question is none of our business, that's great. We respect your choice - and at the same time we really appreciate the answers you do give.

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Role, job title or specialism
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What is the biggest occupational challenge facing you right now?
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How many episodes of UX Podcast have you listened to?
How did you stumble upon UX Podcast?
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How do you listen to UX Podcast? (such as iTunes or Soundcloud)
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When do you listen to UX Podcast? (in the bath?)
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How many other podcasts do you listen to?
What is the best length for a UX Podcast episode?
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Do you read the show notes and links that accompany each episode?
What type of UX Podcast show do you enjoy the most?
Aside from the podcast itself, how do you keep up with content from the podcast?
How often do you listen?
How much of an episode do you usually listen to?
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Sound quality
Length of episodes
Frequency of new episodes
Off-topic chitchat
If you produced UX Podcast, what would you do differently?
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Anything else? (like what other shows you listen to, people we should interview or a story about a website you really hate - get it off your chest!)
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How likely is it that you would recommend UX Podcast to friends and colleagues?
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